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Wood Industry

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Industrial Knives for the Wood Industry

Wood industry blade is used for re-chipping of waste wood,  for production of wood chips for particle board production and biomass. For debarking, log peeling and slicing of veneer, in vertical and horizontal slicer machines and rotary lathes. For chipping and flaking of wood for use in OSB, MDF and particle board production. 

Find the right product for your machines.  Product range, Including but not limited: 

✔ Peeling knives ✔ Veneer guillotine knives ✔ Pressure bars ✔Rotary clipper knives ✔ Score knives ✔ Chipper & Counter knives ✔ Planer knives ✔ Grinding rings ✔ Knife guard✔ Knives for Chipper Canter ✔ Chipper and Counter Knives✔ Chipper knives ✔ Counter knives ✔ Flaker knives ✔ Pressure lips ✔ Knife holders

We produce knives for brands such as: Grenzebach, Cremona, Keller, Kralovopolske, Capital, Coe, Fezer, Raute, Marunaka, Uroko, Valette & Garreau, Bruks, Pallmann, B. Maier, Metso Camura, Ferarri, Heinola, Pessa, Rudnick & Enners,  MUS-MAX, Eshlböck, Doppstadt, Komptech,  Albach, and others. and others.

First-class raw materials, professional heat treatment for good wear resistance and precise machining for dimensional accuracy with blemish-free surfaces for superior cutting performance and quality of end products. 

As we are a tool steel producer and have extensive application experience we are able to help you find the most suitable quality for your cutting process, which is reflected in the durability of the knives, increased machine uptime, lower energy consumption and enhanced machine output. We help you to optimize your production process, reduce downtime and lower your tool costs. 

chipper knife     finger joint cutter     veneer guillotine knives

veneer peeling knives     wood planer blades     planer knife

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