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Industrial Food Processing Blades


The food-processing industry deals with a wide range of food types, from fruit and vegetables, to meats, dairy, beverages and bakery products. Yafei manufactures precision quality custom and standard size food processing knives and food cutting blades from high grade ground hardened stainless steels for food processing industries including fresh, dry fruit & vegetable processing, meat and poultry processing, seafood processing, bakery including croissant, cake and bakery for applications like cutting, slicing, dicing and many others.


Yafei tailors steels and cutting geometries to suit specific applications and processing environments. Our product range, including but not limited:

✔ Bread slicer knife ✔ Meat cut knives ✔ Bun cake slicer blades ✔ Frozen food blades ✔ Slaughter cutting knives ✔ Bowl cutter blades ✔ Chopper blades ✔ Dicer blades✔ Packaging blades ✔ Mincer knife ✔ Special blades ✔ Sea food blades ✔ Slicing knives ✔ 


We manufacture blades for the following machines, amongst others: AK Robbins, Alexanderwerk, Backus, Baker Perkins, Berry Plumbing, Braibanti, Buehler, Cantrell, Carnitech, Carruthers, Chemtech, Cove Equipment, Demaco, Dixie Union, DTS, Eillert, Electrolux, FAM, Foodcraft, Foodlife, Foodmate, Formit, Fritsch, Grasselli, Grote, HiTec, Holac, Jarvis, Kronen, Metalquima, Oliver, Pavan, Ricciarelli, Robot Coupe, Ruehle, Ryowa, Schroeder, Solia, Solich, Sormac, Spirocut, Stumabo, Tipper Tie, Treif, V-Mag and Weber.


Yafei are the Experts in Manufacturing Custom Food Processing Knives and Blades.We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom food processing knives and blades per sample and drawing. If you need your blades manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now get to a free quote. If you have a drawing, sketch or written specifications for the blade you need, please let us know.

cake cut blade     bread slicer blade     food chop blade

food mixer knife     meat slicer knife     potato cut knife

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Your knives from yafei blades are produced precisely according to your requirements. We are flexible and adapt our knives to suit your needs exactly.
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